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On behalf of all Australians who will benefit from AGCF’s success in achieving its aims, we thank our benefactors for their supportive contributions towards improving gynecological cancer outcomes. We also acknowledge the many cancer support organisations who have established public policies and other information on which we could model our own. In developing the AGCF website we have used their publications respectfully, in a way we believe was intended by them, in pursuit of the aims we share. As reference points and sources of ideas, these have proven invaluable.

We particularly acknowledge with gratitude the unpaid but exceptionally valuable service of all current members of our Board, our Scientific Advisory Committee and our Ambassadors, including Ms Jean Kittson, who was also our Founding Chairperson. These people and their details are listed elsewhere on this site. We also acknowledge and thank the following people, organisations and publications, in approximate date order of their unpaid but exceptionally valuable contributions.

Personal contributions 

AGCF wishes to acknowledge and thank:

Ms Joan Hall, who served on the Board from its first meeting until 4 February 2013
Ms Claire Russell Vickery, OAM, who served on the Board from its first meeting until 19 July 2013
Professor Andreas Obermair who served on the Board from its first meeting until December 2014
Ms Sally Anne Goss, who served on the Board from 4 February 2013 until 21 July 2013
Dr Robert Nethercote, who served on the Board from 18 March 2013 until 21 June 2013
Ms Carly Martin [nee White], who served on the Board from 28 April 2014 until 11 December 2015


Robert (Bob) Walter Ingham AO for his past and current support of our goals and generosity of financial contribution. This support is essential in raising awareness of and funding research to improve gynaecological cancer outcomes. As a charitable organisation, we are grateful to Bob Ingham for his dedication and commitment to medical research which has resulted in local researchers breaking new ground and contributing to better medical practices and treatments across a range of cancers and diseases.

Ms Yvette Englisfor her generosity of time in donating graphic design services. The graphic design work she has done has been truly marvellous and is a testament to her wonderful skills.

Direct Uniforms

Direct Uniforms Peter and Maria Cipolla have kindly donated t-shirts and caps for AGCF's City2Surf 2016 campaign

Direct Uniforms is a family-run distributor of fine quality uniforms for all types of organisations, schools or sports clubs. Their uniforms can be personalised with print or embroidery or left plane. Their products are available Australia-wide. Direct Uniforms is a young innovative company with a focus on excellence, quality and service.

W: Ph: 1300 663 890



Three Sisters Three sisters - Rosemarie Church, Victoria Green and Liana Bowes - have dedicated much time and energy to raising funds and awareness of women's cancers. These lovely ladies organised the Vivid Retro Harbour Cruise held on the first night of the Vivid Festival 27 May 2016. In their own words:

"This foundation is very close to our hearts. Over the past 15 years our Aunt, Marie Ficarra has been very supportive through our gynaecological health issues. Marie was determined to make a difference in women’s health through introducing to Australia advanced diagnostic cancer screening products and making them available to women.

We recognise the need for AGCF and hope our community, male and female will understand the importance of supporting women's cancer research. We want AGCF to grow and receive the support and recognition needed to continue its vital work. Early detection through screening and prevention through vaccination available to men and women is the key to survival. Only research produces such advances in healthcare!"

Organisations and Corporations

AGCF wishes to acknowledge and thank: 

Ure Lynam, an accounting firm that, through its Principal Mr Robert Hunter and its employees, including former AGCF Company Secretary, Ms Kathy Durow, and current Company Secretary, Ms Jaqueline Howson, has, since our beginning, contributed invaluable pro bono financial advice, logistics and secretarial support.​

Way In Network who, in becoming our supporters and ambassadors in 2014, provided timely funding support that greatly boosted our confidence in achieving our aims. Their involvement expanded our reach into multicultural communities, an extension which was greatly needed and one we have highly valued.

The Penrith Panthers for their continued support of AGCF through their offering of digital media services to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers. Mr Jeff Lambert, Digital Media Assistant, has kindly donated time and resources to producing awareness raising digital videos for AGCF.

Maz Farrelly from Absolutely Farrelly who has provided invaluable support helping the AGCF put together videos to help create awareness and explain the impact of gynae cancers on individuals and their families. 

Anthony 'Ash" Brennan from Yatte Yattah Films and Hired Gun TV Productions for his remarkable camera work and editing skills on our videos for use at events and on our website. His creative skills have provide a real insight into the the impact of gynae cancers on individuals and their families. 

Ashurst (formerly Blake Dawson Waldron) is a leading international law firm who, through its lawyers Elizabeth Pakchung and Carly Martin [nee White] provided pro bono help in preparing our Constitution and submissions to regulatory bodies.

Squire Patton Boggswhose Senior Counsel Carly Martin [nee White] and her colleagues provided pro bono legal advice. 

Heidrik and Struggles, a global employment search company that provided pro bono advice on Board positions, identification and structure.

Baker Foundation, (The Thomas Baker (Kodak), Alice Baker and Eleanor Shaw Benefactions), a charitable trust that provided a substantial and valuably timed seeding grant. This greatly facilitated our planning and progress.​

Internet Vision Technologies, who contracted to supply us with web facilities and have provided extended support, well beyond our expectations, when we needed it, without requesting additional payment.

Houston provided pro bono graphic designs that we gratefully accepted and adopted for our website presentations and other public documentation.

VConsult are a provider of virtual office and administrative solutions within the medical and allied health industries. It was set up by Dr Joseph Sgroi, an Obstetric and Gynaecology medical practitioner at The Royal Women’s Hospital and Melissa Bennett, who has over fifteen years experience in hospital and practice management. Melissa leads the team of professional and experienced staff at VConsult. They ​are generously providing their phone answering and email forwarding services to AGCF at no charge.

Constructive Workforce are providers of contract staff, labour hire and tailored recruitment solutions to a number of industries in the Australian marketplace. We are grateful to them for seeking and recruiting contract staff for AGCF while waiving their commission.

Cancer Council Australia and its CEO Professor Ian Olver have provided invaluable advice and support.

Cancer Australia and its CEO Professor Helen Zorbas have provided invaluable advice and support.

National Breast Cancer Foundation and its Director Ms Elaine Henry OAM have provided invaluable advice and support.

SecurePay is an online payments expert. Their generosity in discounting our merchant fees will reduce some financial burden, thereby enabling us to focus on becoming the peak national body for gynaecological cancers in Australia.

Marsh & Maher Lawyers for their continued support of AGCF. They are a Melbourne-based law firm.

Volunteer Photography for their generous supply of photography services at no charge to AGCF through the very talented Mr Michael Mannington.

Mrs Betty and Dr Lincoln Lee and their daughters Shen-tel and Elizabeth of Bowerhaus Jewellery for their continued support and generous prize donations for fundraising purposes.

Nicholas Agency & Franton Imports for their support and generous prize donations for fundraising purposes.

Professor Robert Lusby of Tintilla Estate for his support and generous prize donations for fundraising purposes.

Phoenix Restaurants for their support and generous prize donations for fundraising purposes.

Fineline Print & Copy Service for supporting AGCF's launch by donating printing services and by reducing the costs of other printing.

The Navarra family of Navarra Venues for their continued support of women's issues and their generosity at AGCF fundraisers.

Mr John and Mrs Riezel Kinsella of Billbergia, a property and development group building communities, for their sponsorship of the AGCF City 2 Surf 2016 campaign and their continued support of women's issues and AGCF.

Mr Alfredo Bouvier of Alfredo's Italian Restaurant in Sydney for providing his authentic Italian restaurant for fundraising at a significant discount.

Ms Rosita Luk is high on the list of people willing to make substantial donations to our charity. Her donations were given generously and spontaneously in the start up period, before our launch, when they had a particularly high value to us. Ms Luk’s support has given us confidence and allowed us to focus more effectively on building vital infrastructure at a time when we were very limited in our capacity to ask for such help.

Naomi Hamilton Photography specialises in family, baby, pregnancy, newborn and special event photography. Her studio is based in Woollahra, Sydney, near Bondi Junction. Naomi is a good charity supporter and donated three valuable packages for one of our charity events.

Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers have generously contributed to AGCF fundraising over several years.

RK Foundation Riezel Kinsella and her team are generous supporters of many charities, including AGCF

Schreuders Personal Injury Lawyers gave generous support for our May 2015 AGCF launch.

Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation have generously contributed to AGCF fundraising.


Hacker & Moore's Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology E-Book, 5th Edition, Edited by Neville F. Hacker, MDJoseph C. Gambone, DO, and Calvin J. Hobel MD. Chapters from this book were adapted for us by Professor Hacker with permission of the other authors and publisher. These adaptations formed the basis of the “About Gynae Cancer” section of our website.​

The 2nd ESGO Textbook of Gynaecological Oncology. Parts of this useful reference are open source, thanks to the support of Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and the permissions of the authors. More open source sections are available here.

National Cancer Institute. Their website is a rich and deep source of valuable facts and illustrations which we have gratefully incorporated.

World Cancer Research Fund International is the not-for-profit umbrella association that leads and unifies a global network of cancer charities dedicated to funding research and education programs. Since 1982, the WCRF global network has been a pioneer in research and education on the link between food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer. Their research funding policies have been particularly useful as models.

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is the peak national body for prostate cancer in Australia. Formed in 1996, it has become a highly sophisticated and successful model for foundations like ours and has given much appreciated information and guidance to us since our commencement.

National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. Since they were established in 1994 they have raised over $100 million and funded hundreds of research projects. They have been generous in providing advice related to the successful running of a grant program and the strategic direction of a charitable foundation.