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Mo'onia Gerrard


Mo'onia Gerrard

Mo'onia Gerrard is an Australian-Tongan netball player. Her netball career commenced at a very young age, often par

ticipating in training sessions at her mother's senior Dee Why Beach Netball Club Team. When she was old enough to register in a team, Mo'onia commenced playing with Narrabeen Youth Club and was later selected to represent Manly Warringah Netball Associationat State Age, State Championships and State League. She was an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder.

Mo’onia is a current member of the Australian national team. She played a major role in Australia reversing its losing streak against New Zealand in mid-2006, and in November 2007 played a key role for Australia when it won the World Netball Championships. Since 2011, Mo’onia has played for the New South Wales Swifts in the ANZ Championship.

Mo'onia is greatly admired for her dedication to the community, mentoring younger people, promoting healthy lifestyles and sporting and personal excellence, particularly in disadvantaged communities and among young girls. On 14 March 2013 the New South Wales Parliament's Legislative Council voted unanimously to commend Mo’onia on her outstanding service to the community.