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Fiona Coote

Fiona CooteFiona Coote became Australia’s second heart transplant recipient in 1984 at the age of 14. She underwent a second transplant in 1986 after suffering rejection of the first graft. The operations were performed by the late Dr Victor Chang and his team at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.
Fiona’s main charitable works have been for The Victor Change Cardiac Research Institute, St Vincent’s Hospital and their Heart-Lung Transplant Team and Donate Life, the national organ and tissue donation program.

She has also been involved with many other charitable organisations over the years, including the National Heart Foundation, NSW Children’s Week where she was President, Patron of Star Day for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Patron of the Junior International Wheelchair Games and as an Australia Day Ambassador.

In 2012 Fiona joined the beyondblue Board. She has had a long interest in mental health issues, particularly relating to how mental health impacts on sufferers and their families in chronic disease and of course more particularly, in transplant and cardiac medicine.

In 2014 Fiona celebrated the 30th Anniversary of her transplant and the Transplant Program at St Vincent’s Hospital.