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Dr Ilona Juraskova

Dr Ilona JuraskovaDr Ilona Juraskova, BA(HONS) MPSYCH PHD, is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the School of Psychology, The University of Sydney. Since 2004, she has worked as a Senior Research Fellow, and since 2008 Deputy Director (Psychology), at the Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision-making (CeMPED) at the University of Sydney. She is also a Consultant Research Psychologist with the Sydney Gynaecologic Oncology Group and a co-chair of Clinicians' Research Interest Group within the Psycho-oncology Cooperative Research Group (PoCoG). She is the author of over 50 peer-reviewed papers and a Chief Investigator on 15 peer-reviewed grants totalling over $6 million in funding.

Trained as a clinical psychologist and researcher, she has over 15 years’ experience conducting clinical research in the field of Psycho-Oncology, with extensive experience in behavioural, psychosocial, quality of life and supportive care research. Her PhD dissertation investigated the psychosexual adjustment of women treated for gynaecological cancer, and was published as a book called ‘Quality of Life / Quality of Sex’. Her main ongoing contribution to the field of gynaecological cancer has been the development of practical evidence-based tools to improve oncologist-patient-family communication, in the form of decision aids and communication skills training.

In 2008, Dr Juraskova was awarded a prestigious Cancer Institute NSW Research Fellowship to develop resources to address unmet treatment decision needs of women affected by ovarian cancer. More recently, she was a member of the multidisciplinary team led by Professor Patsy Yates that developed a series of interactive online training modules for health professionals to improve ‘Psychosexual Care for Women with Gynaecological Cancers’, funded by Cancer Australia.

Dr Juraskova currently leads and collaborates on several international and national psychosocial projects, including PeNTAGON (Peer & Nurse support Trial to Assist women in Gynaecological Oncology); TRIO (development of conceptual framework and clinicians’ training to optimally engage family members in cancer care); and REKINDLE (a psycho-educational online resource to improve sexual life of cancer survivors and their partners).