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Dr Dane Cheasley

Dr Dane CheasleyI completed a Bachelor of Biological Sciences with Honours at La Trobe University before undertaking a PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, under the supervision of Professor Rob Ramsay. My PhD work investigated the regulation of intestinal stem cell genes in colorectal cancer. After my PhD I took on a position as a post-doctoral researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research with Associate Professor Oliver Sieber, continuing to explore the role of novel stem cell genes in intestinal homeostasis and tumourigenesis.

In 2015 I began my 2nd post doc and joined Professor Ian Campbell’s group at Peter Mac researching the genomics of women’s cancer. I was awarded a 2015 Victorian Cancer Agency Early Career Seed Grant to research ways of improving early detection and management of women at risk of developing interval breast cancer. Additionally, I also collaborate with the international Genomic Analysis of Mucinous Tumours (GAMuT) network to identify therapeutic treatment options for women diagnosed with rare mucinous carcinomas at the ovary.

My post-doctoral research interests, and the focus of my funded Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF) and Way In Network Post-doctoral Research Fellowship is on applying genomics to clinical questions in ovarian cancer.