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Ambassador Program


The AGCF Ambassador Program’s objective is to raise community awareness of gynaecological cancers and to provide resources for individuals to learn more and be able to inform others.

An Ambassador can be a celebrity, politician or other public figure who can act as a figurehead for AGCF. An Ambassador may have or have had a gynaecological cancer, or other related diseases. They may be the carer/partner of someone with a gynaecological cancer.

The purpose of an Ambassador is to lend high-profile support for the purpose of fundraising, campaigning, public relations, marketing and awareness-building for our cause.

AGCF actively engages with a variety of public figures and will, from time to time, appoint different Ambassadors for different purposes and audiences.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for AGCF, please email us at

Meet AGCF’s current Ambassadors